Lately I took the time and tried CSS3 frame-by-frame animations with SVGs. In the past, I avoided a double-track solution as we are still optimizing for IE7 and IE8, but with pin sharp displays time for not-so-new-anymore ideas has come.

I worked on a scalable fullscreen quiz-game, and used a SVG sprite for the animation:

Now, we’ll talk about the setup for the keyframes-animation, a fallback solution with Motio sprite-plugin when lacking CSS3-animation support and PNG-fallbacks for IE7 and IE8.

Animation setup using CSS

I work with Compass/SCSS, you’ll need to update the alpha version (currently 1.0.0) in order to be able to use the keyframes-mixin.

My sprite holds 4 keyframes, most important specifics for CSS:

.fraudoudou-animation {
  background: url(path/to/svg) top left no-repeat;
  background-size: 60em 15em;
  width: 15em;
  height: 15em;
  @include animation-timing-function(step-start);
  @include animation-duration(2s);
  @include animation-iteration-count(infinite);
  @include animation-name(anim-fraudoudou-music);

And setup the keyframe-animation itself. Note that it’s important to define the keyframes at the top of your stylesheet – after font-face-declarations but before everything else. Compass’ mixin comes in handy for the vendor prefixes:

@include keyframes(anim-fraudoudou-music) {
  0% {
    background-position: 0 0;
  25% {
    background-position: -15em 0;
  50% {
    background-position: -30em 0;
  75% {
    background-position: -45em 0;


For browsers, that do not support either CSS3-animations or SVG, we need some adaptions. In the example, I use Modernizr to check wheter these properties are supported or not. Modernizr populates the HTML-tag with classes depending on the browser’s skills.
As fallback for browsers lacking CSS3-animations support, I load the plugin Motio. I was lazy and used jQuery for this example, but it’s actually not required by Motio.

$(function() {
  var $asset = $(".fraudoudou"),
      $html = $("html");

  var initSpriteAnimation = function() {
    $asset.motio({frames: 4, fps: 2});

  //CSS3-animations are not supported: load Motio for sprite-animations.
  if($html.hasClass("no-cssanimations")) {
  //the class no-svg indicates lacking SVG support
  if($html.hasClass("no-svg")) {

For browser that do not support SVG, we add a PNG file. Thanks to Modernizr, we can use the namespace no-svg:

.no-svg .fraudoudou {
  background-image: url(path/to/png);
  width: 250px;


All the above code snippets are from an example I tested on the current Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as IE 7-11. Speaking of the example:

Frau Doudou

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