Color-Variables in SVG with SASS

Recently I’ve added eye-catcher graphics to connect images and text-boxes. Both elements use background colors and I wanted to make sure these two colors always match – if I need to change the text background-color, the eye-catcher should magically adjust. SASS/Compass and SVG made my wishes come true. Read more

Oh look! list-style-position:inside

Recently I’ve stumpled upon a CSS property, that exists like forever (since IE4 to be exact). To indent a list, I’ve always used margin-left without giving further thoughts to it.

I hit the limits when I combined it with CSS3 columns and finally found list-style-position:inside which is of course the way to go. Examples showing limits and solution

Frau Doudou read: Mobile & Multi-Device Design

I am a night owl and yesterday night I read an e-book from Luke Wroblewski about the Polar app which I enjoyed very much: It’s very interesting, well written, explained in detail and completed with cute, heartwarming illustrations. Read more

SVG CSS3-frame-by-frame-animations with fallback

Lately I took the time and tried CSS3 frame-by-frame animations with SVGs. In the past, I avoided a double-track solution as we are still optimizing for IE7 and IE8, but with pin sharp displays time for not-so-new-anymore ideas has come. Read more

Sprite Animations

As a game-developer, I work with sprites frequently. Sometimes content is represented using some animation – e.g. a sprite-mask that opens a hidden card – and in this case I’d rather rely on a JS-solution than on a CSS3-animation due to browser compatibility. To be exact, I use the Motio Sprite Plugin. Read more

My Opinion about IE7 & friends

No webdeveloper loves developing for older browsers, at least no masochistic webdeveloper. Less possibilities and more quirks require more “creativity” and kind of a positive thinking. As I work on smaller projects, I usually follow a pragmatic approach, focussing on the content. Read more